Loose Lads

LOOSE LADS have one thing on their mind: SEX! These energetic young bucks have a hunger that can’t be sated—they’ll suck, fuck, and cum till they drop! Of course, after they blow their loads, it’s only a matter of minutes before they’re hard and horny again… you ready for round two?

Run Time: 1h 30m

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LOOSE LADS have one thing on their mind: SEX! These energetic young bucks have a hunger that can’t be sated—they’ll suck, fuck, and cum till they drop! Of course, after they blow their loads, it’s only a matter of minutes before their uncut cocks start fattening up again… you ready for round two?

Danny Montero & Trey Matthews:
So far, we’ve only seen Danny Montero playing bottom (and quite well, we might add!) but this time he’s on top. Trey Matthews was more than happy to offer up his hole to a super cute Mexican stud!
Trey admires Danny’s hard, cut cock and judging by how quickly he gets it into his mouth, we’re betting he likes what he sees. Danny is keen on wrapping his lips around Trey’s uncut meat, too, and the two of them end up in a sixty-nine. After that, with Trey on his hands and knees, Danny pushes his cock up his ass. Danny may not be a very aggressive top, but he seems to be doing a bang-up job of it according to Trey’s hard dick! When Trey lays flat on his belly, Danny continues to grind against him before they flip over to missionary.With Danny’s hand wrapped around his cock, and his dick up his ass, Trey doesn’t last long before he cums. Danny pulls out and follows suit, adding his sticky cum to the hot mess all over Trey’s stomach.

Ash Williams & Nathan Brookes:
Nathan Brookes is back in the studio again, and after his bottoming session for the immensely hung Brez Wild back in April, we were a little worried that we’d broken him! Thankfully, he’s okay, and he’s more than eager to get some more cock in his ass from the gorgeous twink Ash Williams.
Ash really put on a show when he came in for his solo wanking video and we couldn’t wait to have him teamed up with a really hot bottom. And after taking that big dick so well last time, I wanted to see Nathan have another ride.
The boys really have some chemistry as they make out on the couch, and young Ash is hungry for some cock as soon as Nathan’s uncut piece is out of his pants. He really services that dick too, forcing Nathan to him his mouth as he lays back and enjoys it. But Nathan is definitely no slouch when it comes to gobbling dick either, and he gets his new buddy hard and wet, ready for his hot hole.
Straddling Ash on the couch, Nathan Brookes impales his ass on that hard cock, easing himself down on it, his own cock hard and bouncing all the way through as he rides Ash to the edge of unloading. After taking it from behind, the boys hit the floor and Nathan takes some humping, which definitely does the trick! The cum splashes out of his solid cock, raining down all over slim Ash in an impressive eruption. And with some really sensitive and sweet kisses, he gets his friend there too, taking a shot in the face as Ash pumps the cream from his cock.
Check out Nathan sucking the last of his cum from his spent cock too!

Damian Harrison & Luke Desmond:
It had been awhile since we filmed Damian or Luke, and they were quick to show us what we had been missing!
After they kiss and get themselves undressed, Luke wraps his lips around Damian’s fat, uncut cock. He can barely get the whole thing in his mouth, though he certainly tries! After Luke sucks Damian’s dick in return, these two lads get into a hot sixty-nine.
Luke gets on all fours so Damian can bury his tongue between his cheeks. Tops who love to eat ass are our favourites and Damian doesn’t hesitate to wet Luke’s hole with his spit! Once Luke is ready for him, Damian plunges his thick cock into his hungry hole. He gives Luke a hard pounding in doggy before the eager bottom climbs aboard to ride him. As Damian slams Luke’s ass in missionary, Luke strokes his dick furiously and shoots cum all over his toned stomach. Our boy Damian pulls out and is quick to follow, cumming all over Luke.

Bailey & Leroy:
Yippee! The very cute Bailey is back on the scene after more than 2 years away and he’s as hot as ever – and even randier! We only ever managed to film him in a duo once before as he got himself a boyfriend… but now he’s single. It’ also been a while since we had the pleasure of seeing Leroy in action so I thought these two would make a great pairing and boy, I wasn’t wrong 😉 Steaming hot for cock, these guys loved every minute of their sex session together!
As you might remember, Bailey really loves to take cock up his pert little ass and Leroy couldn’t resist the offer of fucking him good and proper. But first, they needed to warm each other up and get their cock’s hard and twitching – and the best way they knew how was to suck, lick and devour each other to the hilt! They swallowed down as much as they could and in no time at all the guys were sporting big healthy boners…
However, Leroy’s fat and veiny uncut dick was eager to get stuck into some serious ass action so Bailey obliged and sat down on Leroy’s aching cock! He bounced away like it was the only cock in the world… before Leroy stepped off the bed and took full control. Bending Bailey over doggy style, he pummelled his little ass and then flipped him on his back where he fucked with total abandon! Bailey was clearly in heaven and he couldn’t hold back any longer, spunking his load of hot white cum everywhere 😉

Jack Masters & Scott West:
Handsome and tanned hunk Jack has been away from the studio for a while now, but when he called and said he was available we knew we had just the perfect guy for him to fuck. Young twink Scott was a great match for him, with an instant connection resulting in a hot session. The shared sucking and ass play is just the start!